Stand in the light of your soul

A few weeks ago I began a healing drumming class.  It immediately opened something up inside of me.  I couldn’t stop crying in class and became very anxious out of class.   I felt such an old sense of vulnerability  I thought about dropping the class.  It was taking me to a place I didn’t want to go.  But, of course, that’s why I was there.   I may procrastinate, but I’ve come too far to stop now.

The anxiety finally  got so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore.  So I went to see  Mary Muncil, my spiritual counselor.  She  guided me through a visualization that put me face to face with a very old fear.  The little girl I met there, took back her power and drummed her way to safety.

When I began this streaming piece I had no idea what it was about.  But now I know I was telling myself to open my heart and step through the threshold,( just the opposite of my original impulse.)   The girl standing on the drum came after my realization.  She now occupies that place where fear and vulnerability were for so long.  I have a feeling she may show up again.

“Stand in the light of your soul, there’s an ocean in my heart, trust the beat of your heart.”  This is my latest wall hanging for Gallery 99.


5 thoughts on “Stand in the light of your soul

  1. This is so interesting to me, Maria, because when I went to my first drumming session, I was drawn back to ancient roots that left me so homesick, I was out of it and crying for two days. I had no spiritual counselor at that time, so journaling had to suffice…and suffice it did. Wrote some amazing internal stuff back then which left me with almost a memory of what had been, as well as a small plan to move forward with new insight.

    Drumming is very powerful, but it provides food you need.

  2. I had no idea that drumming would have that kind of an effect on a person. I always thought it was for personal relaxation and meditation. I have read that it is useful in therapy (autism) and even chronic pain (other medical conditions, including stroke).

  3. Maria, I had a similar experience the first time I was able to meditate very deeply. Old memories flooded me, ones I had buried so I could run from the pain. The meditation dug up my past and then helped me deal with my past. Annie

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