Gallery 99… the fun begins

Most of the artists who are participating in Gallery 99 dropped off their work today.  They are asked to fill out their own tags with information about their pieces.   I like it because they have to hang around longer and you get to catch up with people you know and meet new people.

In between artists coming in,  Diane and I got to unpack and look at all the art.  It’s always lots of fun to see the work for the first time.  Then we started placing it (more fun)  matching up pieces  from different artists with similar colors and  themes.  It’s usually slow going at first then comes a point where something clicks and it just starts to flow.  Both of us swirling around moving art from one place to another then stopping and looking and moving it some more.  Then we hang it on the walls and move it around some more.  Eventually it’s just right, or we’re exhausted or we run out of time.   So far it’s always gotten done and always looked good.  I love working with Diane, and each time I do I think that we should do it more often.

Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of the work to post on my blog.  We could have a mini-virtual Gallery 99.

Our first viewer and the show isn't even hung yet!

2 thoughts on “Gallery 99… the fun begins

  1. I’ll be looking forward to the pics. I remember how interesting your pieces looked in your pig barn gallery. It was rather like walking through a beautiful garden! 🙂

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