Singing Stars Echo Thru Time

I spent most of the day figuring out my checking account.  I don’t go on my online account often enough so each time I do there is usually a problem, mostly that I forget my password  or the answer to one of the many security questions they ask. (which I always write down and always loose)

This time I couldn’t remember how I answered the question “Where does your best friend live?”  I don’t think I’ve had a best friend since elementary school.   I’m sure I gave an answer that made sense at the time, but, I had no idea what I was thinking then.  I finally got it all figured out (with the help of three different women on the phone) and wrote down all the passwords and usernames and put the paper in a “safe place” for next time. Maybe I’ll even remember where it is.

When I  got to the studio and started on a small wall hanging to donate to Green Mountain College for their Women in Business Scholarship Fund.  Yesterday Gaye left a comment on my site about hearing an NPR program about the sound of stars.  This surfaced today as I worked on the streaming piece and wrote “singing stars echo thru time”  Today Gaye send me a link to the program where you can hear the stars.  It’s actually an art piece that takes place in a Bavarian Forest and it’s kinda wonderful.    I always thought stars were silent.

11 thoughts on “Singing Stars Echo Thru Time

  1. Maria, I do the same thing with passwords. I have security questions that I swear I know the answers to but some how they are wrong! I try not to stress about it.

    1. It’s kinda great isn’t it, what does it say about us. Maybe that our lives and likes and even our perceptions of the past change? One of the questions is where were you born, one time I answered with the name of the hospital one time the town, there just doesn’t seem to be one answer!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the boots,Mary Janes and slippers. The house looks to be growing out of a tree trunk. That’s how we feel in our little house.
    Best friend? I remember a blog last yr.where you said you never had a best friend!(this was one of your humorous posts.) I concurred with you too then. I wonder why you chose that question? Isn’t your Mother’s Maiden name always a safer bet? 🙂

  3. I meditate to the sounds of the planets and stars. NASA has some nice links to the sounds. My favorites are Saturn and Jupiter. it helps me to when I write. I love the colors in your latest creation. I like the silver gray background.

  4. You are making me smile. Thanks Maria I never thought of this idea. Very positive thinking on your end. (I was thinking you should change banks!!! Oh, negative me.)
    I heard on Jon’s blog you have a new BFF. I always thought that Izzy loved you and that you were one of his jobs.

  5. I think it’s a symptom of your creative mind to have so many possible answers to the questions! And yes, our perception changes from time to time! If I think really literally, my first pet was a parakeet named Puff (isn’t that such a winning question, the name of your first pet!) but if I think as a long-time “dog-mom”, my first dog was ‘Pepper’. There is no predictability to which I will think of at any given moment, and I am a much less creative thinker than you are!
    I have all these passwords that have to do with the dog of the moment at the time I signed up for certain websites. So I have to try to remember when I signed up, and then try to second-guess myself re: who was on first at that time. Aargh.
    I too am happy to hear that Izzy is keeping you company more these days. Also that you had a bonding session with Rocky the pony, who is probably needing some “mama” energy right about now. Your world is full of best friends these days, and we haven’t even talked about Jon!

    1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone Annie. It does make me aware a bit more of how my mind works though. You might be right about Rocky needing Mama energy, although I don’t think of myself that way.

  6. Hi Maria,
    I used to lose or forget these all the time too. The best thing I have done is to open a word file called passwords and then I put them there and can always find them.:)

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