Pincushion Jane’s New Little House Blog

Jane McMillen's pin cushions and wallets

Remember Jane’s pincushions from the Functional Art Show at the Pig Barn last fall?  Well, Jane has a new blog called Little House.

For all you button lovers her first post is about buttons.   Jane wrote ” A one of a kind button with a sculpted cluster of grapes that I would run my fingers over and reminded me of something my great grandmother would use to keep her shawl closed. It was nothing I could picture on something I would ever wear, but a button requiring a set of gnarled fingers to get open and closed and a set of hefty bosoms to support the weight of such a button.

So check it out, I didn’t see a way to purchase her work anywhere on the blog, but I’ll ask her about that.  I use her pincushions almost everyday, and they are a pleasure to work with.

Jane and one of her pincushions in front of the studio barn last fall

4 thoughts on “Pincushion Jane’s New Little House Blog

  1. What a nice start to Jane’s blog, she is so right about buttons. My pin cushion, from Jane, sits out with my boy’s baby pictures.

  2. She was so nice to talk to at your show last fall.I love my pin cushion I purchased and it has indeed started a collection! Her blog is so colorful. I do wish she had an items for sale section on it. Please hug the dogs for me, Cindy :)

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