9 thoughts on “Spring Shadows

  1. You are amazing – such an artistic thing to do – it was so balanced with you the donkey and the cat as the shadow – and then Minnie on the ground. Thank you – it made me smile – 😉

  2. I love the spring shadows video, Maria. It’s interesting to see how the donkey came, stood next to you, followed your gaze, saw what you saw, spotted the cat, Mother (?), and took in after her. Love the kitty on the fence post shadow, too.

    For the past year-and-a-half, I’ve been snapping photos of my shadow with all the farm critters’ shadows here at Sweetgrass. So far, I’ve collected images of my shadow with those of horses, dogs, cats, ducks, and cattle. If I could, I’d do a whole circus series, too. That’s how much I love looking at shadows. So, THANKS for your video!

    Your last video — Fran’s feather — is fascinating as well. Love your creative eye!

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