Meet Kim

I would like you all to meet Kim.

I dropped off 25 potholders tops (including the manly corduroy one’s, thank you all for your comments and suggestions, I’m getting votes for  denim and plaid, and I noticed not one of them came from a man) at her house today ( a far cry from China’s factories, and the pay is better) for her to assemble.    People are already emailing me about potholders for Christmas  and this year, with Kim’s help, I’m going to be ready.  (I’m already thinking about Plaid Friday, the small business and artists version of Black Friday).

So please welcome Kim and excuse me for not writing more about it, but I’m just so tired (it was an unusual day) I’m going to bed.

7 thoughts on “Meet Kim

  1. Hello Kim
    I just bet you are going to enjoy this adventure with Maria, I know I enjoy “visiting” this web site everyday.Always something to look forward to.
    Have fun:)

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