Potholders for Men, For Sale

A Manly Red and the Manly Potholders

Here they are on sale for the first time, my new Potholders for Men aka Manly Potholders.

I just learned that the Bedlam Farm Men’s Group (which includes, Jon, Red, Simon, Strut, Rocky and George Forss) have approved them.  Being that these are the men closest to my heart, that means a lot to me.

The potholders are $15 each + shipping .  I have 9 potholders in a variety of manly colors and fabrics.    If you’re interested in one or more, for yourself or your man, just email me at [email protected] or go to Contact Me at the top of my page.

Oh Yeah, these are Jon’s photos,  just want to give him credit or I’ll hear about it.


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