Me and Tess and the Vet

Zelda keeping an eye on Tess

Zelda is our guard sheep.  As soon as you walk out the door her head is up and she is watching.  Mostly looking for Red, no doubt, wondering were the dog is that will come and make her and the rest of the girls move from the pole barn to the corral to the big barn and back.

So this morning, when we saw that Tess was lame again and wouldn’t get up, as we moved her into the big barn Zelda followed.  We couldn’t get her to leave Tess’ side.  We left them together until just before the veterinarian came.  Then we pulled and pushed Zelda out the door.  She complained a little then found her way to the pole barn where Suzy and Socks were.

Tess is a calm and friendly sheep.  When Dr. Sarah Jensen arrived from the Granville Large Animal Practice, Tess gave her no trouble as she examined her feet and stuck her with needles.

Tess has hoof rot, which comes from too much moisture and sheep passing the bacteria to each other though the soil.  We’ve treated her with antibiotics before, but it kept coming back.  This time Dr Sarah gave her a stronger antibiotic, which we’ll repeat in five days.  She also gave me some ointment for her hoof and Tess will recouperate in the barn for 5 days.  And we’ll keep an eye on the other sheep and treat them the same if they show signs of hoof rot.

It was my first experience with a Vet and my sheep and it was a good one.  I used to work for a Veterinarian and I know they can over prescribe and offer unnecessary procedures.  Dr Sarah was friendly and straight forward.  She gave me just what I needed to help Tess (not more) and  answered my questions and made me feel confident that I could do what needed to be done.   I never felt like she was trying to sell me something that wasn’t necessary.

So hopefully, this will be the end of Tess’ problems, we’ll know soon.

5 thoughts on “Me and Tess and the Vet

  1. Such sweet sheep. Who knew that houligan Zelda had it in her? She found a purpose so totally in the moment. How empowering this experience is for you. And I agree about vets and our MD’s over testing and medicating. Kisses to Tess the poodley sheep.

  2. You certainly captured “the look” in that photo. It reminds me of the way my teenagers look at me if I catch them picking the toppings off a bowl of salad before it is put on the table. There was definitely some sheep conspiracy being planned before you entered the barn.

  3. I’ve had many experiences with vets. I’ve had mine for over thirty years and I feel nothing but trust when it comes to him. I’m glad you feel comfortable with yours. I hope the sheep recover quickly.
    It is so impressive to me that you always seem to be comfortable with and in command of the situation. Zelda is a hoot; a sheep in control.
    She merits a book or potholder of her own.
    You, dear Maria, are a woman of special talents in so many areas!!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

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