Zelda trying to get in the cat door

Dr Sarah Jensen was back again today. Both Socks and Suzy started limping after she left yesterday. So we got them all in the barn and she checked them out. Each one had hoof rot, except Zelda. She seems to be immune to it.

Dr Jensen cleaned and clipped their hooves and gave them each a shot of antibiotics. The three of them will spend the next 5 days in the barn. We got Zelda out more easily than I would have imagined, (thanks to Dr Jensen, who pulled her from the front and pushed her from behind) but I knew she wouldn’t be happy about it. She ran around the barn for an hour trying to find a way in. Running to the back door, jumping off the stone wall, and sticking her head in the cat door, calling to the other sheep who baa’d back. She was so desperate I was worried she’d jump through a window or figure out how to open the door.

Finally I closed the cat door and gave the sheep in the barn grain. They stopped answering her and she lost interest, making her way to the pole barn with the donkeys for company.

We’ll put Lyme in the pole barn and move the sheep to the back pasture when we let them out of the barn to keep them from getting reinfected from the soil where the bacteria lives.

Or maybe by the time the sheep are ready to leave the barn our fences will be up at the new farm and we can just move them there. A new beginning for the sheep.

4 thoughts on “Zelda trying to get in the cat door

  1. I’m sorry for the sheeps’ troubles and hope they are soon well, but Zelda trying to get in the cat door is just too funny.

  2. So sorry to hear about your other sweet sheep. But that Zelda is a powerful and driven female!! Hilary Clinton watch out!

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