Till Tomorrow

I’m really into this piece I started at the Adirondack Museum on Saturday, the images are flowing, but I have to stop to feed the cats and my three sheep recovering in the barn. I’ll give them hay , fresh water and clean out the poop. When she hears me in the barn Zelda will call out to Tess, Suzy and Socks and they’ll answer. Then the donkeys will come down for cookies.
It’s 3:30 and I still have to make the loops for a batch of potholders I’m dropping off to Kim tonight( yes I put them off for the fun of working on my streaming piece) and do my email (which I haven’t checked today yet).
So the flow will have to wait for tomorrow, unfortunately…..

One thought on “Till Tomorrow

  1. I HATE interruptions!! A truly patient and disciplined person MUST make a better artist!! Good luck with your chores and picking up this beautiful piece where you left off, Annie

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