You and my work

Here’s some of my work in their new homes with their new people and dogs.  This is my pillow I Keep my Heart Open and my Center Strong on Lisa’s couch with her dog Sammy. (Who looks so soft I just want to hug him)

And here’s 3 generations, Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren under Neno’s Apron Quilt.

I met both Lucinda and her dog Rip in California last week.  My pillow is in the sunlight in on the couch, Rip is the dog who seemed to look into my soul.


5 thoughts on “You and my work

  1. Awww, that little blond dog does look so sweet and soft; but Rip is obviously special; he has the same kind of look about him that Izzy did.

  2. Thanks Maria! And by the way…Sammy is so soft, that’s why he is a cuddle bug! 🙂 Glad you and Jon are home, safe and sound.

  3. Rip looks just like my dog, Poppy. I must send you a picture – they could be twins!
    I love seeing your creations in their new homes.

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