Green Grass Out My Window

green grass

Do you see it?  I’m trying to work, but it’s not happening.  I started and threw out 2 pieces before 12 o’clock.  Color I keep thinking, I need more, something different.  I’m pacing around my studio, now trying to put a quilt together and I look out my window.  There’s a red cardinal at the feeder and the grass is green!  Do you see it, not the cardinal, I didn’t get a picture of him, but the grass.  It’s been raining all morning, yesterday there was still snow on the ground and now the grass is suddenly green.   I swear, it wasn’t green 20 minutes ago when I went into the house for lunch.  It’s not green in the pasture or out my west window, but green in out the south side.    What a delight, on a day like today when I can’t seem to get it right,  there’s a little miracle out my window.

5 thoughts on “Green Grass Out My Window

  1. Then the color is green…look for green, it is St. Patrick’s Day coming up….put those beads on and go for it!

  2. yes, I do see the new green grass! and those of us who live in cold climates (I live in Minnesota)
    feel celebration and gratitude to see the first tiny signs of spring — and yes, pure joy.

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