Another Handkerchief Scarf

2nd scarf

Okay, here’s my second try at the Hankerchief Scarf.  I used blues, browns and pinks to make this.  Of course designing it most of the fun for me and I do like the way this came out. .  I have to figure out a price (I’m not quite sure how long they take to make yet)  and then I’ll be selling my new Hankerchief Scarves.  And for everyone out there with handkerchiefs sitting in boxes in closets, why not take them out and make yourself a scarf.

33 thoughts on “Another Handkerchief Scarf

  1. So excited! So beautiful! Please e-mail me cost I will post $ tonight! The colors are perfect for spring! You have created another masterpiece Maria!

  2. Maria…. they are awesome, and as soon as you figure out the details, I want one, as I am a huge scarf lover. I always wear them, and love the idea that they are a “hankerchief scarf” ….I am so excited !!!

  3. Your handkerchief scarves are exquisite. The combination of colors and varied need work designs make these scarves unique works of art. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. You’ve inspired me to give this a go too.

  4. What a great idea Maria! I wish I still had my mother’s handkerchiefs!! But I’m thinking that some old linen napkins might work too ~ they have really nice embroidery around the edges. I’ll have to ponder on that!

  5. Maria, The picture Jon took of one of your scarves blowing in the breeze is beautiful. They are exquisite. I always thought it would be beautiful to have a tablecloth made out of vintage hankies–but alas! I don’t sew!

  6. I so love your beautiful, amazing scarves!! I love just as much that ‘the creative spark’ of this idea hit you in the first place!! So original and so fluid, so captures the eye. Annie

  7. Maria, these are really lovely. I’ve got a pile of hankies in aunt and grandmom stash (it’s not just fabric), so I may have to give this a try. I’ve always thought they were pretty, but I’d never use them as they were meant to be – the idea of combining fabrics and colors never occurred for some reason. You did a beautiful job.

  8. Oh Maria, your scarves are so beautiful! What a great idea for the handkerchiefs. I have a few that I inherited from my Grandmothers. They did such nice handiwork with the crochet edges and what a nice way for their work to live-on. If you have a scarf available, I would love to purchase one.

    1. We all seem to have a few hankies from our grandmothers, don’t we Deb. I had no idea how many really until posting this. I think I have all the scarves sold that I have hankies for right now. But I also think I’ll be looking for more….

  9. Wow, what a creative use of these delicate textiles! I’d love to try making one out of my stash. Did you sew them together by hand? I would think machine stitching would be risky. For me at least. I’m not patient enough for a lot of machine tension, etc adjustments.

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