Poodle Balance Inspiration

Harriet's Poodles
Harriet’s Poodles

The idea for my pillow Poodle Balance came from this photo that Harriet sent to me of her poodles.

Poodle Balance on Harriet's couch
Poodle Balance on Harriet’s couch

And I think the pillow looks perfect on her couch.





3 thoughts on “Poodle Balance Inspiration

  1. It does look perfect! And I really like the new blog header. It’s so bright and cheerful ~ really eye catching!

  2. Oh thanks Maria for pursuing the notion of seeing Harriet’s poodles on the see saw. The photo is so cute.It has warmed another poodle lover’s heart.
    The connection to your pillow’s design is amazing. Thanks Maria and thanks Harriet! Love to all your pups, Cindy

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