Adopt a Hen at the Bedlam Farm Open House

One of Jane's Hens
Miss Henna Hen, one of Jane’s Doorstop Hens

Jane knows that hens make better doorstops than roosters.  Roosters can be nasty. So she made a bunch, all different colors and sizes and put them up for adoption on her website Little House Home Arts.  You probably know Jane from her pin cushions.  She just gave one away in the Common Thread Give-a-way on the first of July.

Jane and I have showed our work together a lot, since I first invited her to be in one of  The Pig Barn Gallery’s Exhibits.  And now she’s going be showing and selling her work at the Bedlam Farm Open House on Sunday, July 21st.   It won’t be the usual hoards of pincushions and wallets, but we’ll have a nice selection on display in my School House Studio. (everything’s smaller this time around)   And along with Jane’s pincushions,  I’m glad to have some of her Hen doorstops for adoption also.  Each one is  named and has papers that tell her story and I have a feeling they’ll be very comfortable hanging out in my studio for the day (especially since Frieda will be in the house)

So come to the Bedlam Farm Open House, (click here for more details) it’s just a couple of weeks away, and adopt a hen to hold that door open, the one that always wants to swing shut even when the wind isn’t blowing.   And if you can’t make it to Bedlam Farm, you can meet Jane’s hens and hear their stories here.

Miss Darling Do-Little
Miss Darling Do-Little
Miss Frannie Frier
The End
The End



12 thoughts on “Adopt a Hen at the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Just getting home from a business trip to the MA office and saw a post about adopting hens. These are absolutely priceless!! It made the end of a long day a smiling one!

    1. Oh, as a matter of fact Cindy I think I will probably be too busy. We’ll have to leave the entertainment to you and Tess (and Ron and his guitar)

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