Yellow Quilt, backed and ready to tack

Yellow Quilt
Yellow Quilt

Yellow Quilt takes up a lot of space in my studio.  It’s all put together and now I just have to tack it.  I checked last week and saw I had some yellow yarn, enough, I think, for the whole quilt.   Although I might use orange on the flowered pieces just to keep the back interesting. back of yellow  094

The backing looks like a solid maroon in this photo,  but it actually has white lines running through it. The maroon and plaid is a different kind of warm than the yellow of the quilt.  It’s has a  dark and cozy feeling,  a substantial warmth.

I’m planning on having it all done by Saturday so I can show it at the Adirondack Museum Fall Festival.  Then, it’s off to it’s new home.

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