Maverick Heart

Maverick Heart
Maverick Heart

I don’t remember when Cindy first started leaving comments on my blog (although I know it was before I was on facebook) or what the first thing she bought from me was.  I just know we’ve become good on-line friends and it’s extended to seeing each other at some of Jon’s reading (we sit together) and at the Open Houses.  We connect in a deep way, mostly because of the similarities in our lives.  And although we haven’t talked about specifics, I know we have both emerged from a dark and scary places and made new hopeful, healthy  and loving lives for ourselves. I know this because Cindy has always understood my work, which is often about just this process.

Now, Cindy had a little black poodle, named Maverick, who she love dearly and died a while ago.  From what I’ve heard about him, Maverick lived up to his name.  When I started making my Poodle Pillows, using the appliques from Laura Israel’s collection of fabrics, Cindy asked if I would make her a black poodle pillow, she was obviously thinking of Maverick.  Well, I’ve had bits and pieces of the pillow, the big black poodle, the pink and green embroidered flower fabric (also from Laura’s collection), the star fabric (which Cindy commented on when I used it on another piece) and the words Maverick Heart,  but could never seem to pull it all together.  Until yesterday, when I snatched it out of the tornado spinning inside of me (seems Cindy had a similar tornado inside of her yesterday which she spent sorting and stacking firewood).

So finally, after a very long time and a very patient Cindy, Maverick’s Pillow is done. But as much as this pillow is about Maverick the poodle,  it’s just as much about Cindy, who truly has the heart of a maverick.


9 thoughts on “Maverick Heart

  1. It’s perfect Maria. I love the way you make a request for a piece into something that is just right somehow. I am sure Cindy will love this!

  2. This pillow is beautiful! I love the mauve (?) color of the border, and the contrasting white and black poodles Annie

  3. Hi Maria, I rushed to the computer last night after Yoga and what a beautiful surprise! I was too pooped to write a word. Or maybe I was too relaxed and serene post yoga. You get it. This piece is so outstanding and I’m so touched by your kind words. The first piece you made me was the “Sparky Bag.” Although we wanted to call the “Button Eye” Bag because of the great button you found for it Jon named it “Sparky” and that was it. I remember how flummoxed we were at first with Facebook until light finally dawned. Even recently you helped me with a FB question when no one else could (or would.) Thanks for being a great e-mail friend and actually I think where we have been together on several occasions and we do get each other,maybe we’re actually just friends! You got it right about Maverick. He was incorrigible. He could raise his hind leg in a 90% angle and pee as high as the top of a dining room chair! He had surgery on his back and had to wear the Elizabethan Collar. He immediately took two stitches out and despite several larger collars and an infants undershirt he could pretzel himself and still get at the stitches. His usual way of greeting a new person was to pee on their shoes. He was the worse and highest maintenance dog I’ve owned, but I loved him so much!
    I’m really not a patient person at all. I’ve had some pretty spectacular melt-downs. But I get you. I know how you work and I never stressed about getting this pillow.
    You continue to be a power of example to me. I see how you handle your life’s ups and downs. Dealing with difficult people. Surviving the sad losses of your animals. Your solid work ethic. Your tenacity and . You’re curiosity. You strive to grow and enjoy this life you have, each day. Many a time I have thought, What would Maria do? You have helped me to become a better woman more than you’ll ever know. I thank you for creating this awesome pillow for me, and most of all I thank you for sharing bits of yourself through your words and your unique art.
    Your friend, Cindy

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