The Box I Couldn’t Get Rid Of

The shoe box I just couldn't get rid of.
The shoe box I just couldn’t get rid of.

I used up all the clean hankies I had put aside for my Hankie Potholders.  By 1:30 there were only tiny scraps left, not enough to work with.  Instead of washing more (because I do have more, a couple of boxes still) I started cleaning up my studio.  Maybe it was the sunshine or me coming out of an inexplicable panic this morning (the oldest one for me, that I don’t have enough time to get my work done), maybe I was defying that panic by “wasting time” cleaning.  What ever happened, I found myself cleaning up the mess on my floor, emptying boxes of linens and fabric that have been piled up for weeks, going through my scrap box and throwing away anything “too small” or that I’ve had in the box for too long (I’m not sure how I made this decision, not thinking about it too much mostly).  I hung my rug over the fence outside and swept under the furniture.  I even dusted my windowsills, and the things on them, which really, really needed it.  I threw out old boxes and put some  new sheets (that I couldn’t use) in a bag for the clothes bin at the American Legion.

Through out it all was this shoe box with a cover that I kept moving from one surface to another.  All the other boxed I broke down for recycling without a thought, but the shoe box was just, well, so nice.  I mean it was sturdy and has a cover and even looks nice.  It’s a great size and even though I had nothing to put in it, I could imagine me, one day soon, thinking  I wish I had that shoe box, the nice one with the green cover.  I know I’m not the only one who keeps “nice” boxes.  (When I was a kid I had a white box that I could sit on.  It became my horse “Whitey”  and I cried when my mother told me she threw it out because she thought it was just a box) .

It’s possible that I may wind up eventually  letting it go the way of most of my cardboard boxes, but I’ll keep it for a while and see what happens.  When and if I do find a purpose for it, I’ll be sure to let you know.

17 thoughts on “The Box I Couldn’t Get Rid Of

  1. Once I was at the store and an employee was emptying a box of something onto the shelf. Without really thinking I heard myself ask if I could have it. It was an ordinary box, not too small, not too big. I had no plans for it but somehow thought I should have it. I brought it home and put in on a shelf in the garage wondering what I was saving it for. About two weeks later we unexpectedly got a 5 week old orphaned puppy who had been abandoned at the door of a local feed store. The box became her bed inside her crate. It was then I knew why I had asked for the box.

  2. Maria………actually, when I looked at the photo of your box I immediately thought *what a perfect cat bed*! Perhaps a little fleece lining and Miss Minnie might take to it? Just a thought……………. love your layered potholders and I believe I do see the larger version (ie quilt) in that fashion coming to mind 😉
    Susan from Ca.

  3. You are not alone. I have a hard time getting rid of a good box. A friend of mine always saves a certain sort of box for me when she buys clothes online (it’s long and has a cover attached) because they’re just right for holding sewing projects that are in progress.

  4. I’m hanging on to a real nice shoe box that some running shoes came in. It’s nice and sturdy, and it has a flip-top lid. So cool. I have no idea what I will use it for or put in it, but I love that box. I keep it in the laundry room and I walk by it every day on my way to the garage and mentally say “Just you wait, box. Just you wait . . .”

  5. Yes, as well as all those bags that are sturdy, attractive or just…well….too nice to get rid of. Understand completely. When you were talking of all the little “too small” scraps I thought of your “heart of scraps” you used to make and I got an image of “flowers of scraps” from hankie bits.

  6. Maria, I love this post. I find it really hard to throw away a good sturdy box. You never know when you are going to need one. Wonderful for storing buttons, fabric, trims, threads and knick knacks or any thing else you can’t bare to part with.

  7. I also love keeping nice boxes and bags, I use them and I repurpose them when I give gifts. I was interested in the part about when you are feeling pressured you clean because I also do that? Hmm 🙂

    1. Or when I’m nervous about something. I remember when my father was dying I cleaned my sister bathroom. I guess it’s a way to get rid of that extra energy and not having to think.

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