Here In Our Safe Spot


Cindy sent me this photo of one of the first drawings that I sold.   It’s called “Safe” and when I made it Cindy’s husband Ron was getting ready to hang a heart windchime in their tree, just out the kitchen window.  He had just refinished the red heart on the windchime.    Now I wish I had just colored the heart the girl is hanging on the tree red.  But Cindy seems to like the drawing just the way it is, with the holes from the sketch pad too.

She said it’s not a Martha Stewart kitchen but the drawing under glass “sits behind realistic kitchen clutter….here in our “safe” spot“.

Ron hanging up the heart windchime in the tree out Cindy's Kitchen window.
Ron hanging up the heart windchime in the tree outside the kitchen window.


3 thoughts on “Here In Our Safe Spot

  1. Maria,
    This is a wonderful post. Sometimes it is truly the little things in life where happiness lies. Thank you so much for posting us.
    Ron. 🙂

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