Practice Make Happy

One of my many scraps of practice
One of my many scraps of practice

I’ve been practicing and practicing on my new sewing machine.  And I must say, all that panic the other day, well, as panic always is, it was a waste of time and energy.  I’m figuring out how to control the machine when using the free motion foot.  The small curves are harder to turn, but I think it mostly has to do with getting used to the new foot pedal.  How much or little pressure to apply and what speed to set the machine at.

Today I started sewing together the Peaceable Bedlam Quilt.  I think doing the straight sewing is a good way for me to get a feel for the machine.   And I have to say I’m loving it.  The pressure foot automatically lifts up after pressing the thread cutter button (which also ties off the thread on both ends).  It also lifts when you release the foot pedal. Letting up just enough leaves the needle in the fabric so it can pivot.   It’s fast and sturdy and the bobbins hold more thread which means less bobbin winding.  I wouldn’t have known how much of a difference all this makes without experiencing it.

What it comes down to is that I’m loving my new sewing machine.  I don’t know if I’ll ever use all the buttons and stitches and attachments, but I don’t really care either.  It’s working for me the way I want and need it to.  And it’s making me very happy.

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