Which Way Is Up

hankie potholders

I got the first batch of my Hankie Potholders back from Kim yesterday.  I like them so much I was inspired to make more today.

They came back with a surprise, something I should have anticipated, but overlooked.  When I made them I had a distinct idea of which side was up.  But I never let Kim know.    I’m not sure how she made her decisions (I haven’t had a chance to talk to her yet) but I just loved each one of them.  I was actually pretty boring about it, making each dance line go from top to bottom.  But Kim flipped them around, making them even more lyrical.

I’m going to do the same  with the rest of the Hankie Potholders I make.  Letting Kim decide which way it up.  I like it because it makes me let go of the process a bit.  Like sending your kid off to Kindergarten and trusting  they”ll come back a little different, in a good way, that has little to do with you.

The first 25 of my Hankie Potholders will go to my Kickstarter backers.  Then I’ll be making some to sell.

hankie potholders 2

4 thoughts on “Which Way Is Up

    1. Maybe Linda, I got a bunch of envelopes with hankies in them in the past couple of days. I bet yours is one of them. Thanks for sending them and I’ll let you know for sure when I got through them again.

  1. I enjoyed you post on which way is up…I allowed Jenny Hutchinson, gallery coordinator at LARAC, to decide which direction to hang my last abstract painting and I liked that she hung it vertically. She is the only one whose judgment I trust. It seems like you also have found a kindred spirit that you trust and good for you, Maria. I very much enjoy your work and I look forward to seeing you at he next open house.

    1. How nice that you’re showing your work Carol. I remember hearing a story from someone who worked in DeKooning’s Print Shop. He said that DeKooning sometimes signed the wrong side of his abstact prints not remembering which way was up. So we’re in good company. It will be nice to see you in June.

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