What Fruit Are You, The Common Thread Give-a-way

Jane McMillan's Fruit Pincushions
Jane McMillan’s Fruit Pincushions

Pick a pincushion!  That’s what you get to do if you win this month’s Common Thread Give-a-way.

Jane McMillan, is this months artist and she is giving away one of her felted fruit pin cushions.  All but the Strawberry are stuffed with crushed walnut shells to keep you needles and pins clean and sharp.  The Strawberry is filled with polyfil.

So if you’d like a chance to win a fruit pincushion, just leave a comment here on Jane’s blog Little House Home Arts.    ( And even if you’re not interested in winning a pincushion for yourself or someone else, still read Jane  Free Fruit Give-a-way post.  Especially if you’re someones mother I think it will make you laugh, although I was laughing even without being someone’s mom)

If you win this months’ Common Thread Give-a-way, you get to choose which fruit you’re most like or which fruit you like most!  Good Luck!



4 thoughts on “What Fruit Are You, The Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. I love pin cushions and would be honored to have one that is “home-made” by an artist. Thank you for always sharing different expressions of art and talent with us, Maria!

  2. Funny, I’m reading this and my husbands tilling our garden! Getting it ready for planting…I think the purple Eggplant pin cushion is adorable!
    I envy you, for being so handi!! Hope for sunny planting weather!
    Thanks Sandy L. 🙂

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