A Little Bit of Normal

Inside my School House Studio/Gallery
Inside my School House Studio/Gallery

On Deb’s last day of looking after the animals, I asked her to help me move some of the furniture back into my studio.  It’s been in the barn since the Open House, my studio a little time capsule of the day after.  My plans were to have it back in working condition after sorting out all the money and commissions from the Gallery sales for the weekend.  But that took a few days and then Jon was in the hospital.  I say good morning to my studio everyday from the back door as I let the dogs out.  I’ll be back soon. I say out loud, patience.

Ideally I would like to take some time and bring everything back in at once.   Filling up my shelves with the fabric I stored in cardboard boxes which sit in the dining room and laundry room.  Maybe rearranging my furniture, getting rid of some stuff, a cleansing cleaning.  But in reality things seem to be going back in dribs and drabs.  A chair or two one day, taking down the fabric from the windows another.  Little moment eked out from my days which are filled with domestic chores (many of which I’m not used to doing like cooking which is Jon’s joy)  and catching up from our abrupt departure to the hospital.

This morning I planned on getting right to the bills and mail piled on the table, (lots of cards and requests for notecards which have been sitting there for almost two weeks) but instead I picked up my sketch pad and started to draw.  Drawing is something I can do right now.  It doesn’t require a sewing machine or studio and it has helped keep me grounded and sane (as has blogging).  But the thought of sitting down to do the bills was so depressing to me that picking up my sketch pad felt like taking a drink of cold water after mowing the lawn in the middle of the day.  And it was just enough to get me going and focused for the rest of the day.

I still haven’t caught up on all the bookkeeping for Full Moon Fiber Art, but I’m thinking that tomorrow morning I may push the desk in my studio back against the windows and bring in my sewing machine, a piece of fabric and batting and take some time to work on a streaming piece.  Maybe just an hour or so to get something started. I can feel it wants to happen.  Jon will be blogging and I’ll be in my studio, what’s more normal than that?


5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Normal

  1. I hear the call to your creativity, Maria. Time will unfold more quickly than you think and I have a feeling more beauty than ever will emerge. I love Flo’s new spot….she’s keeping a close watch on the house and neighborhood between naps, I see.

  2. So glad you are not rushing things, otherwise you will crash, I know I did. Don’t just care for Jon take care of yourself as well. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Maria, it’s hard to be creative when your mind is taken elsewhere under stress. For me, I have to feel calm before I can work in my studio or to the point where I can allow myself to feel calm working in there. I find physical exercise deals with stress well…walking, I understand when Jon says he has to walk…I’m not sure but it feels like some control over the body. Dealing with stress is not easy.
    Keep drawing.

  4. Love your gallery space. May you find the time to nurture your creative spirit as healing continues.

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