Leave it

new pieceI could only find one bobbin but had all my thread.  Got my iron and sewing machine a piece of fabric and batting.  That’s all I really needed this afternoon after pushing my desk back under the lights.  This is the first step (or so) of something new.  I had to stop myself from doing more on it.  I was going to write the words “Leave it” (you can see the gray upside down  “L” right and center) but the thread kept jamming in the needle.  After many tries, (I just don’t get it sometimes)  I did leave it just as it was.

3 thoughts on “Leave it

  1. Maria,

    Tonight the moon is at perigee–a supermoonso called, which is a full moon when the moon is at its closest to the earth. I think of Full Moon Fiber Art and you in the center of it all.

    Take care both of you. Erika

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