“New Normal” Front and Back

Normal front and back

I am so tired, physically and emotionally today, I could hardly get myself to lift a piece of fabric.   But,  I did manage to pieced together the back to my “New Normal” quilt.   It surprises me how high energy it looks compared to how I feel.  I guess it’s inside of me somewhere, all that energy, just hiding out for a day or so.  Don’t know how much further I’ll get today, I just may take the rest of  the afternoon off.

7 thoughts on ““New Normal” Front and Back

  1. As always, thanks for letting us see both sides of your lovely quilt! Have a good and restful weekend, Maria!

  2. The back of this quilt is really cool! I have your N.Y.City ,flowers, and Izzy hippie quilt folded at the end of the bed, with the backside up! I think your quilt backs are so artful.I love to have “quilt back days.” This always keeps my feet warm, even now!
    You must be exhausted Maria. I hope you quit early and took some “Me Time” as my daughter calls it… Have a good w/e, Cindy

  3. this is a happy quilt, Maria. Your new normal is full of life, color, Gees Bend and Maria blended into a wonderful song. It is lovely! My favorite block is the (I believe) first one you did…rectangular with a myriad of tiny random triangles and geometric shapes…………. love it.
    hugs to you both
    Susan M in Calif

  4. I really like the back of the quilt better than the front. Both are very good. Great things come from difficult places in our journeys. Is it for sale?

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