I have a thing for lamps.  I’m drawn to them because I like to  use them as a symbol for light and enlightenment and because I enjoy drawing them.   So when I thought about making another stitched piece on one of those 6 inch doilies I have (like my piece “Boot”), a lamp seemed most natural.  This time I attached the  doily to an old white hankie and stitched the lamp with my sewing machine. (I wouldn’t be able to use my machine stitching on something as small as the doily).

all of lamp on hamnkie

Then I colored the lacy edge of the doily yellow with a marker and cut away the hankie.


I hand stitched the cord coming out of the lamp and beaded it with white vintage  (some of them made of shell) buttons.


Then I hand stitched another doily  on the back to finish it off.    Like “Boot”, it’s held onto the wall with six straight pins.

Last week I was listening to an interview with installation artist Ann Hamilton.  She spoke about trusting the things we cannot name.   This is the part when a person is creating and they have an idea but don’t understand what it means or if it makes any sense.  It is something that at the moment can’t be explained with words.  But she said it’s important for the artist to thrust the idea and not let anyone talk them out of it, just because they can’t explain it.

This is what I thought of when I was making this piece.  I can’t really explain it further than I already have.  I don’t know why the buttons.  But I’ve decided to trust it.

“Lamp” is for sale.  It’s measures 6″ by 16″ long and is $45 + $7 shipping.  If it speaks to you, please let me know what it’s saying.  And if you’d like to own it you can email me here or  at [email protected].  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.


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