Something Golden and Slow

golden and slow

The last time I wrote about a quilt I made, Jon suggested instead of writing about the process why not write about how the quilt makes me feel (living with a writer has its perks although I’m not always so open minded to Jon’s suggestions).   So, this afternoon, when I finished designing this quilt that I started on Friday, I sat down on my studio floor and looked at it trying to understand what I felt looking at it done, and what I was feeling when I made it.  I sat for a while, then went for a walk in the woods with Lenore, then sat some more.  During that time, these were the words that came to me:


I went to the place where life began
in search of my singular self.

There were Lions and Tigers and a Hen
a swamp and a hollow tree

I slogged through the swamp
and sat in the tree

and discovered the past ran through my veins

So I took off my skin
and shook it out
like a coat too long in the attic

I ached for something golden and slow
to cleanse me from the inside out.

I started the quilt with this Baroque scene and the pink dog fabric.



4 thoughts on “Something Golden and Slow

  1. Oh My….This quilt does look like a treasure some very lucky person might find in a special attic. Beautiful Maria….your style sings ! Your poetry is awesome. WOW !!

  2. I love the colors, fabric and patterns in this quilt. Maybe it is because it reminds me, in some ways, of my mother. She had great taste, was always decorating and collecting. She too had a great sense of taste and style. The large Baroque section in the middle is reminiscent of the toile fabric that she used in her bedroom. It was just about the same color and design. She covered her bedroom walls in it and even had a bedspread and headboard made from it. It isn’t my taste; mine is country and rustic, but it is comforting to see that someone will have a quilt with that fabric in it. They will love it as did my mother. When she died, I think we found a lot of fabric stashed away in her closets. Had I known then, I would have sent them all to you. They would have had a good home in your studio and when you used them for some of your creations, they would have gone to good homes too. They would have been loved!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Jane Mintz Los Angeles

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