Tea Staining Hankies


I’m tea staining some of the white hankies to make another Girl and Tree Scarf.  They’ve been sitting in boiled tea water for almost two hours.  Next they’ll go in cold water to set…..

5 thoughts on “Tea Staining Hankies

  1. Maria, I sometimes tea-stain my fabrics…thanks for posting how long you leave the cloth in tea water and set it with cold. Now, question: do you find after a number of washings, the tea stains pretty much come out? I’ve never found a solution for this and wondered if it was just me and the way I was tea-dying.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. Oh I haven’t gotten that far Sandy. This is my first time, and I”ve only washed them the once. I guess if I use some of these for my scarves, I’d recommend hand washing in cold water.

  2. I am also interested in how to keep the tea-stained look permanently if possible, to include in gift baskets with vintage teacups and saucers. Vintage hankies are lovely but let’s face it, in a tea basket that’s gross. So I want to use new ones but make them look older. Would vinegar help it set? Thank you!

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