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Weeping Heart
Weeping Heart SOLD

I just can’t stop making these trees.  I have ten now and I know I have more in me.  Now I’m starting to really look at the trees around me.  Noticing not just the feeling I get from them, but how the branches come off the trunk.  This can only help me to capture their feelings even more.  Someone commented that each of my trees seems to have a different personality.  They are all individuals for sure.

I bought a big box of cheap black tea so I can tea stain more hankies.  Many of the hankies frame the trees perfectly.   I’ll drop these off with Kim tomorrow so she can sew them into potholders and have them for sale next week.  They are $20 + $5 shipping.  If you see one you like and want to buy it, just email me at [email protected].  These are the five I made today….

Sleeping Tree
Sleeping Tree SOLD
Passion Tree
Passion Tree Sold
Oh Joy!
Oh Joy! Sold
Grounded Sold


12 thoughts on “More Trees

  1. These are great. They do each have their own personality or feel to them. I love the sleeping tree. There is a calmness to it.

  2. “Passion tree” is so alive! The angles of the branches and colors of the leaves look like flames. I expect the tree to burn up the hankie at any moment. Are those tea stains or the burning energy of this tree?!

  3. Love the sleeping tree. I have already asked for a Saving Simon potholder. Please add this to my order. If it is sold, I will take any tea-stained tree. Thanks, Valeria

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