Attic Dream

Attic Dream
Attic Dream

The night before we left on our trip I had two dreams.  One was so disturbing, I woke in a panic that stayed with me for the rest of the day.  What I dreamed after that was the antidote to the first dream.

In the second dream, I was riding up on an outdoor wooden escalator that took me high above a dark city.  I looked to one side and saw the interior of an attic space, the front wall of the building was missing so I could see inside, like a doll house.   The low attic roof made a triangle and the interior glowed a warm and comforting orange.  Inside, there was a woman sewing at a green sewing machine and the space was filled with fabrics hanging from the ceiling and walls.   Then the woman stood up from the sewing  machine and waved at me.  I saw it was Lisa Carrino, owner (with her husband Scott) of the Round House Bakery and Cafe.

Lisa is an artist, her art is baking.  She’s a creative and nurturing person, generous and warm.   That attic space in my dream, with her in it,  felt like the safest place in the world to me.

In the drawing above I tried to capture what I felt in the dream.   And although it’s not literally what I saw, it holds the same feeling for me.

3 thoughts on “Attic Dream

  1. I recently had a dream about a warm and nurturing space from a past life. I’m always trying to get there in my dreams. I think that maybe we want to get this feeling across through our art. And it’s always nice to meet people who make us feel this way, so safe and warm.

    1. This was something new for me Nicole. Not the idea, but feeling and seeing the idea of comfort and safety this way. it is something I would like to be able to put into my work.

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