Curious Hen in the Snow

white hen in the snowIt’s still snowing.  A light, dry snow that made for a beautiful winter day.  We put a water dish in the Chicken Coop for the hens.  They weren’t venturing out.  Until 3 o’clock, when I went out to feed the animals, I saw the white hen making her way through the snow.  It’s her first encounter with snow, she was born in the spring.  I saw her footprints in the barn and around the water bucket in the pasture.  She didn’t do far, but she was curious enough to leave the coop and see what snow feels like on feathered feet.

6 thoughts on “Curious Hen in the Snow

  1. Unusual, Maria, hens normally don’t like snow. It’s a beautiful photograph.
    SandyP in one foot of snow in Ontario, Canada

  2. Such a wonderful photo could easily be a note card…..
    Having had chickens for many years, I can really appreciate this hen’s adventure.

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