Quiet Day At Bedlam Farm

quiet day

Spending a quiet day at Bedlam Farm.  Both Jon and I and all the animals are hanging around the wood stove, staying warm, drinking lots of tea and soup.  Getting better with each moment.

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  1. Maria, I was curious to know why pilots don’t get sick coming back from trips and flying in general. I asked. Woke himself up who said, why are you asking this question at 7:30 in the morning. Apparently the air in the cockpit is circulated faster, same air though as the back end. My sister gets sick everytime she comes home from a trip…always to warmer climates so you wonder if this is part of it but I think it’s the air circulation in the planes, slower back in the passenger end of the plane. Maybe they have to keep the pilots awake and alert…(smile)…Hope you and Jon are on the mend. Jon’s recent heart operation may complicate his recovery.
    SandyP in S.Ont.Can.

  2. From one flu sufferer to another: I am over mine finally–not even coughing, so my sympathy to you both is very knowing. I did manage a chuckle when a very elderly friend of mine in Scotland wrote to tell me of when she, her mother and 3 sisters all came down with flu one snowy Christmas, over 50 years ago. The were snowed in for a week–no access or egress.They ran a small riding stables and every morning they all tottered down to the kitchen table , stuck a thermometer in their mouths, one by one, and the two lowest temperature went out to feed and water the ponies.

    Keep drinking chicken soup and other soups and hang in there. You will feel so good when you are better–like a new life! My husband (knee replacement 6 weeks ago) didn’t catch it thank goodness–the house still smells like aa old-time hospital–clorox wipes used everywhere on door handles, taps, etc.. Nor did any of the wonderful friends and home-nurses who took over my role for 2 whole weeks.

    Oddly enough our most stand-offish cat, Pancho, decided after 8 years of life that he could be a lap cat after all and has taken up the role of comforting my husband; as near to that knee as possible; what typical feline behavior.

  3. FLU waited to pounce on you here in the Frozen North?!? UGHH!! Glad to read that you are better! Great pics of Minnie and Frieda. Great poem, too. Annie

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