Too Cold for an Old Dog

Frieda and Flo by the wood stove
Frieda and Flo by the wood stove

Frieda doesn’t hear very well these days. Sometimes I’ll be right behind her and she doesn’t know I’m there.  But somehow, every morning, she’s always right beside me at the back door when I go to my studio.  I do see her watching me as I gather up my computer and iphone and tea.  We do this five times a week and just as it’s my work to go to my studio, it’s her work to go with me.   She doesn’t wait to be invited, she just comes.

Sometimes, like this morning, when it’s below zero out, it’s just too cold.  Not for me, I  pile on the layers, light extra candles on my alter (it feels warmer just having those flames going) put on my hat and scarf and pour my tea in a thermos cup.   But it is too cold for Frieda.  Anyway, I think it’s too cold for her.  So as much as I love having her with me, I don’t want her to be any more uncomfortable than an old dog already is.

I do get a pang when I leave the house and she runs to the door and looks at me expecting to follow.  But then I think of her curled up in front of the wood stove, dozing and warm, and I feel a little warmer too.

4 thoughts on “Too Cold for an Old Dog

  1. Your recent post about Lulu and Fanny being smart enough to not stand out in the snow if they were uncomfortable really made me think. And suddenly I felt a little less sorry for them. Wouldn’t the same be true for Frieda and her choice to accompany you to your studio? Not questioning your actions or decision, just wondering…..
    As you say, it is her work.

    1. Absolutely Lynn. Someone else left a similar comment. And I can just as easily interpret the look in her eye to say, I’m so glad to be staying in the house by the warm fire.

  2. Dear Maria, Thank you for these pics and posts of Frieda. She is such a wonderful “spirit” dog, as Jon would say. Knowing Frieda this way has made me ready for another dog, something I was certain would not happen when my Ellie (who has such resemblance to Frieda) died 3 yrs ago. Annie

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