My Ever Changing Flock of Sheep

Glyndalyn's Scarf
Glyndalyn’s Scarf made from Ma’s wool

Glyndalyn’s been making a scarf from Ma’s wool that she bought from me last year.   She sent me this close up of it.  I can’t get enough of  looking at it.  The texture and soft browns, all the different colors that go into making it what it is.  I want to touch it, I can imagine how it feels.

It makes me think of how our flock of sheep has changed since we first got them.  Tess and Ma gone, the lambs that didn’t live long.   The spring 2014 batch of wool I get back from the mill will have Ma’s wool and Ted’s, the ram who sired the lambs.  All the sheep were pregnant back then.  We had no clue how difficult so many of the births would be.  And I had no idea how both heartbreaking and life affirming an experience it would be.

The batch  from the fall of 2014 will have the last of Ma’s wool, not much, I remember it and Deb’s wool (her lamb) was full of brambles.  Almost impossible to clean.   But it will also have the first wool from all the lambs.  It won’t be so much, they were still small, but I can’t wait to see what it all looks a feels like.

We still have Zelda (a Cheviot) and Suzy and Socks (Border Leicesters)  from our original flock.  Since then we’ve added on Kim (a Karakul) and the lambs, Deb, Liam and Pumpkin.  All with their own personalities and distinctive voices.

It seems to be an ever evolving thing having sheep.  I have a pair of fingerless gloves that Sue made me from Tess’ wool and a cowl that Brenda made me, also from Tess’ wool.  A good and sweet reminder of my first flock of sheep.  But the new flock is a good one too.  Liam seems to be trying to take over for Zelda as the leader.  We’ll see what happens with that.  And Deb has such a big personality, loud as she was the moment she was born (She came our of Ma yowling).  Pumpkin has the sweetest baa.  Soft, like a whisper.

It does seem the older sheep have dropped into the back ground, the lambs always up front, challenging Red and finding their place.  I’m sure when the snow melts and they can graze again things will change once more.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Liam, Pumpkin
Liam, Pumpkin, Deb, Kim and Suzy’s butt

5 thoughts on “My Ever Changing Flock of Sheep

  1. Maria, Liam is a sturdy fellow and I hope you’ll manage to keep him. He looks good and healthy and could be a good breeding ram. Love the way he and Red go nose to nose. Ever the way with young kids and it seems young sheep. People who live in cities (and I was one of them) seem to have a rosy view of country living and farm animals. From having chickens for 14 yrs. I know that I learned a lot about caring for that flock in pretty short order. The term ‘pecking order’ and ‘birdbrain’ come to mind…easy to see where they come from once you’ve had chickens for awhile.
    Sandy P in frigid Southern Ontario, Canada

    1. its so true about those saying Sandy. When I see the sheep following each other around, I always think, that’s why they call them sheep. Ha ha

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