Gifts from the Crows Potholders: For Sale


I have been looking at the crow fabric that Kenna sent me for at least a month.  I would take it out and try to find the colors that worked with it, but just couldn’t get it right.  Until today.

There are two things that came together to inspire me to make these Gift of Crows Potholders.  One was seeing the Gee’s Bend Exhibit this weekend and the other was reading an article about a little girl who gets gifts from crows.

When Gabi Mann was four years old, she would  drop a lot of food when she ate.  Apparently her neighborhood crows got on to this and started showing up when she was eating outside and cleaning up the crumbs.  Then she started sharing her lunch with them and soon they always around when she was eating.  When she started feeding them in her back yard, they started returning the favor by bringing her gifts.   They would leave buttons and paperclips, pieces of glass and nuts and bolt, all kinds of things.

Well, I found this story just magical.  I’m always intrigued by how smart crows are, but this went beyond anything I had ever heard about them.

Then there’s the Gee’s Bend quilts and what I wrote about them on Sunday.  The idea of the one piece of fabric that doesn’t belong, that’s like a portal to take you to another place, even if it’s just about color and pattern.

Put the two together with the crow fabric and suddenly the idea from Gee’s Bend becomes the gift from the crows.  That small misplaced piece of fabric is the portal and the button.

Once I knew that, the colors and design of the potholders came easy.  And I have to say, finding that little jewel of fabric and figuring out where to place it was as good as it gets when it comes to making potholders.

These potholders plus some from the extra fabric I have  are sold out.  If I have any more available, I’ll post them later today.

I designed 8 potholders today and  I don’t have fabric for many more. So there’s a limited amount available.   My Gifts from the Crows Potholders are $17 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more (shipping is a bit more out of the US).  If you have a thing for crows, as I do, and would like a potholder or two, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

Gifts from the Crows Potholders
8 “Gifts from the Crows Potholders”

20 thoughts on “Gifts from the Crows Potholders: For Sale

  1. I’d like one, please. Can you send me a Paypal invoice? If the bottom left one is still available, I’d like it, but if not, another will work. Thanks so much!

  2. I would love to have the 3rd one down on the right with the little pink_ would be using Paypal if it is available.

  3. Maria

    I had read the story of the girl + the crows recently and was also enchanted with it. Your potholders using the crow fabric are exceptional. I have always had birds as my spirit guides/allies. I really like what you have done with them!

  4. Hi Maria, The author Charles De Lint has characters called the Crow Girls. I don’t recall the first time they show up, but anything written by him is treat.
    These potholders are very special.

  5. god those are so beautiful. The little square of color reminds me of the ink stamp signatures on some of the art from the East.

  6. Dear Maria, This work is very intense and electrifying. It reminds me of the Old Testament Prophet Elijah being fed by the Ravens/Crows . Elijah stayed by a brook, hiding from King Ahab who was eager to kill him. The Ravens/Crows flew in with bread and meat in their mouths every day. Annie

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