Gourmet Hens: Hold the Apples

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I think the hens must be reading my blog.   Today, once again, I put my leftover oatmeal (with a side of egg shells) in their coop.  And when I went back a few hours later, it was all gone! (except the apple pieces and I know they like apples because somethings I give them an apple core and the peck it to death).  Maybe they somehow heard all the comments about other people’s chickens eating oatmeal.  I can’t figure it out.  Maybe they’re just messing with me.

5 thoughts on “Gourmet Hens: Hold the Apples

  1. What breed of chickens are those? What beautiful feather patterning. Some hens are worth keeping as works of art.


    1. They are Brahma Hens Nancy. Not only do they look good, but they lay delicious eggs and do well during our cold winters. They even have feathers on their feet.

  2. I think they look a little smug in this picture. “Gotcha!” they’re thinking. But does this mean there is no pig in our immediate future? Probably.

  3. I’ve fed mine oatmeal, and when I’ve run low on feed (which only happens very occasionally since with one hen and a 50 lb. bag I can see it coming from a ways away), I’ve given her rice, either on its own or with milk or sometimes some soup broth poured over. And strangely, mine like apple cores but not the rest of the apple, she just likes to peck at the center.

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