My Cave Drawing

My studio door.
My studio door.

I started drawing on my door when Simon died.  I took the match that I used to light the candles on my altar and  used the charred end to draw a picture of Simon.  Now, each morning when I light my candles, I use the burnt end of the  match to draw something on my door.

The match always runs out of black before I get to finish a drawing, so I either leave it or continue working on it till it done.  Except for the first drawing I did of Simon.  When I think of it now it seems some kind of miracle, because I was able to finish the whole thing with one match.

These won’t last long.  They smudge and erase easily.  I like that about them.

I’m thinking of the cave drawings, where basically people did the same thing thousands of years ago.  Used the burnt end of a stick to make images on their walls.  It really feels like the most natural thing in the world for me to do.

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  1. Dear Maria, These drawings are such a creative response to so much change in your life! I hope they don’t wear away too soon. And I love what you wrote about your journey with Frieda. Annie

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