A Few Days At Blue Star Equiculture

Jon and Tommy at Blue Star Equiculture
Jon and Tommy on our last visit to  Blue Star Equiculture

Tomorrow I’m going to Blue Star Equiculture to spend a few days with Pamela, Paul, Piper and the rest of the horses.  I was going to do this in February but it was just one storm after another.

I’m looking forward to working with Pamela and taking care of the horses.  It’s hard work, Pamela told me, you’re tired at the end of the day, but it’s a good tired.  I’m ready for it, feeding, brushing, hauling water, shoveling manure, what ever needs to be done.  I’m used to it small scale at home with the donkeys, but Blue Star has about thirty draft horses.  That’s a whole new experience.  It’s going to be fun spending time with Pamela too.  We speak the same language. Not always in a straight line.

So I’ll be blogging from Blue Star tomorrow.  If I’m not too tired that is.

5 thoughts on “A Few Days At Blue Star Equiculture

  1. You might let them know that High Horse Therapy, highhorses.org, in Norwich, VT is looking for a draft horse to use with veterans. 802-356-3386

  2. Maria, I love the comment “not always in a straight line”. I would fit in well, my mind goes not in a straight line. And in a book recently I read this passage regarding ‘light conversation’ which I’m not good at “Light conversation, a lubricant in the social game, struck him as a waste of time”. This from a book on the mathematician Kurt Gödel and his wife, Adele. It struck a chord with me, I wondered if it might with you….I’m good at brief interchanges, I’m not good with what I call ‘cocktail talk’ or lubricating the social game. Enjoy your time at the horse ranch.
    SandyP in Sunny Southern Ontario, Canada where Ice and snow still exist in great patches as in Northern NY State.

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