“An Ongoing Conversation”

One of my Tree Potholders in Donna's home.
One of my Tree Potholders in Donna’s home.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than sending out one of my pieces of art into the world and knowing its in a place where its loved.  When I get an email from someone, saying the just received a potholder or wall hanging in the mail and they’re glad to have it, I sit at my computer with a big smile on my face.  It’s a different kind of happy then when I finish a piece and like the way it came out, it’s more like an exhale. Like another part of my life has fallen into place.

When I put a piece of my art in the mail and send it off to its new home, I let go of it completely.  But when someone sends me a picture of it, in its new home, it makes the whole process more real.  There’s that piece of art I created in my studio, in someone’s home on the other side of the country, or maybe a few towns away, but it’s living out it’s life.

Marlene in the UK sent me an email saying my work is “more than fabric and thread. It has a voice and has wonderful ongoing conversations with the people lucky enough to own a piece of it.”   What a wonderful way of thinking of it.  That it’s not static, but an ongoing conversation.  If it’s true, that would keep me smiling for a long time.

My wall hanging, "Piper in the Wind" in it's new home with Maureen (and her dog).
My wall hanging, “Piper in the Wind” in it’s new home with Maureen (and her dog).


4 thoughts on ““An Ongoing Conversation”

  1. These are very complimentary, & your work is beautiful. The works of both you & Jon often speak to me & seem to be just what I needed at that moment! Thanks for sharing your gifts. Mary Ann

  2. Such a neat connection. Your work is almost always within arm’s reach and piece is used, washed and reused. I cherish each piece, MW. Hugs from Eugene, OR.

  3. I LOVE what Marlene in the UK said about your work!! How very true! And how wonderful that the internet connects us with people all around the world. Annie

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