The Moments In Between

My new quilt with the backing on the floor and ironing board
My new quilt with the backing on the floor and ironing board

I feel like it’s been such a long time since I’ve been in my studio.  And in a way it has been.  The week before our trip to Iowa, I was mostly busy getting my yarn sold and shipped.  But the moments in between, during those two weeks, I made some potholders and started a quilt.

Today I finished the top of the quilt and started piecing together the back.  I hung it in all four directions to see which way I liked it best.  I’m still not sure.

quilt (1)




11 thoughts on “The Moments In Between

  1. I love the first way you hung it. The brown,red and blue inner stripes seem to pop when its hung this way.

  2. Maria, I like the bottom picture of the quilt the best. Love the way the red and white catches the eye.

    Thank you for allowing me into your life each day.


  3. To me, the second picture from the bottom is like looking over the high back of a blue slipcovered chair across a pink carpet to a black-framed door in a red walled room with a window in the upper left corner.

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