Chloe and The Sheep

Chloe and the sheep
Chloe and the sheep

Chloe has a problem with the sheep.  Since she came three days ago she’s been chasing the sheep.  I think she just doesn’t know what they are.  Yesterday we put them in the side pasture to give them a break and to let Chloe  see them and get used to them without being able to chase them.  This morning I walked Chloe over to the gate where the sheep were laying down and quietly told Chloe that the sheep belong here.  That she doesn’t have to chase them away that we all have to live here together.  We stood for a while by the gate, just looking at the sheep.

I learned to do this at Blue Star Equiculture.  I saw how when one of the horses there was uncomfortable about something, Pamela would take the horse to the place that was a problem for them and calmly and reassuringly talk to the horse.  They would just spend some time there together.

And this afternoon Chloe is more comfortable with the sheep.  We put them together in the same pasture and it seems she’s getting used to having them around.  Every once in a while she just chases them, but mostly they’re able to be near each other resting or grazing.

It may take a little while longer for things to really settle down, but I think Chloe is doing great already.  Feels like she’s always been here.

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