Fate, Becoming My Studio Dog

Fate chewing on her stuffed Pheasant next to my Old BeachTree Pillow in my studio.
Fate chewing on her stuffed pheasant next to the “Old Love Tree “pillow I’m working on  in my studio.

Today I looked at Fate and instead of seeing a puppy, I saw a dog.  Not that she isn’t still acting like a puppy, but there was something different in  her long legs and body, in the look on her face.  And it seems like everyday she learns something new and calms down a little more.

This morning, for the first time, I was working on a pillow on my floor and Fate was out of her crate.  She stopped chewing for a moment and came over to where I was working.  She started to pull at the scarps I had just cut off.  I only had to tell her “no” once then told her to go get a toy.  And she did. She got her stuffed pheasant and started chewing on it next to me.

Seemed like a small miracle, or maybe it’s that thing, about really meaning it.   Because when I told her “no” I did mean it.  And I’ve really meant it every time we come into my studio that I expect Fate not to constantly bother me or the things on my shelves and floor.  There’s plenty of fun things for her to do in my studio without getting into my stuff.  So maybe she got it.

Right now she’s sleeping on the floor next to my sewing machine.  I’m sure she’s tired from our walks and sheepherding.  It’s a good balance between all of those things.  And Fate’s already becoming a great studio dog.

6 thoughts on “Fate, Becoming My Studio Dog

  1. She wants to please you. With all her heart, mind and soul. So all you need to do is let her know what pleases you. (Harder than it sounds, I know!)

  2. Fate reminds me so much of Ollie, my border collie/ lab cross. Ollie being half border collie also always wants to be part of everything going around him, even when I read a book. Since we have a crate it really helped him to settle better.
    By the way, your studio floor is beautiful!

  3. She’s very sweet and whip smart. I see a bright happy future here. And Happy Anniversary too. I remember the pictures of you and Jon on your wedding day. You looked like the happiest bride I’ve ever seen. There was so much love in those pictures, it was jumping off the page. Namaste, my friend.

    1. I don’t remember those pics Donna. I’ll have to go back and look at them. I know I feel my love for Jon even deeper now than I did back then. It changes, but stays the same at the core too.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a happy photo of you and Chloe on Jon’s page today. I could hear you laugh!!

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