Getting Ready For the Open House

Athena helping me fold my fabric
Athena helping me fold my fabric

Oh I get so bored, I told Athena, when we were having lunch.  Every Open House I plan to neatly fold the fabric in my shelves, I know it would look great, all those colors and patterns would just add to the feeling of the gallery.   But I start folding and after I’m done with one shelf I lose interest and give up.  Athena asked if she could help me prepare for the Open House and I was trying to explain  how much it would mean to me if she helped me fold the fabric, kept me from giving up.  She got it.  So this morning at 8am we were in my studio, with a cup of tea that Jon brought us, folding and folding.

When we were done we went into town to hang some Open House posters in the different businesses.  Athena had some clothes to drop off at NV, the consignment shop, so we went there first.  While the owner, Nikki, was sorting through the things Athena brought in, I did a little shopping.  I always seems to find something there.  This time it was a pink skirt (which I’m planning on wearing on one of the days of the Open House) and a very cool looking, half price, pull over sweat shirt.

But….then we ran out of time, and didn’t get to hang anymore posters.

Heather and Jon at Over The Moon Beads
Heather and Jon at Over The Moon Beads with our poster

So, just after lunch, Jon and I made the rounds hanging our posters, starting at the Round House Cafe and ending on the other end of town (three blocks away) at George Forss’ Gallery.   Then we went to Mary Kellogg’s  to pick up her poetry books.  She showed us her pond and brook, places that inspired her poems.

Mary and Jon
Mary and Jon

Finally we got to Carol’s house and picked up her work for the show.  Carol has so much to choose from.  Along with her original batiks, she has prints on fabric, trivets, mousepads and note cards all with her images printed on them.  It was hard to choose what to take and what to leave behind.

Carol Law Conklin with her latest batiks.
Carol Law Conklin with her latest batiks.

Tomorrow I’ll finish cleaning out my studio and should have the rest of the work that will be in the show by Thursday.  Long busy day.  I wish I wasn’t so tired, I can’t wait to get back into my studio and start hanging the work.

For more information about the Open House, click here.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For the Open House

  1. I love these “getting ready” posts. And isn’t it always amazing how the most boring tasks can turn into a good time when done with a friend. Can’t wait.

  2. thank you for the great pics of the guys n gals that also make up the Bedlam Farms Loving Animals group. It’s great to put a face with the members. Cute pic Carol L. Conklin. I w hope someday to get to be at an open house. My darling hubby is 88 and unable to travel anymore due to illness. I truly love my life with Bedlam Farms. The farm and its stories really inspire me daily. Thank you Maria for entering the Bedlam Farm family.

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