The biggest horse and the smallest donkey

Jon and Tommy (or is it Ben?)
Jon and Tommy (or is it Ben?)

Tommy and Ben are brothers, they’re also a team.  They work together pulling wagons and plows at Blue Star Equiculture.   Jon and I were at the horse farm early this morning.  We stood at the fence, first Piper came over to say hello, then Tommy ( or was it Ben they look so much a like I have a hard time telling them apart)  came over to Jon.  The horses connect to different people and Tommy always comes to Jon when we visit Blue Star.  Pamela says it’s because they have similar personalities.  They both have a bit of pirate in them.

I could see how much I’ve changed around the horses since I first went to Blue Star.  I didn’t even know how to put a halter on a horse back then.  This morning,  I put halters on all the giant young horses, nine or ten of them, by myself.    I can’t even reach the tops of their heads, but they’re all eager to comply by lowering their heads so I could slip the halter over their ears.  They know the halters mean they’re going to get their grain soon.  I even got a halter on  Tex, one of the biggest horses in the world.

Then I came home and there was Chloe and Lulu and Fanny.  And even thought they’re half or a third the size of the horses at Blue Star, they never look small to me.  Maybe it’s their big personalities, or their big hearts.  Maybe a horse is a pony is a donkey.  All different and all the same.

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