Fate, Becoming a Great Studio Dog

Fate in my studio

Fate is becoming a pretty great studio dog.   For the most part, she’s pretty good about staying off my quilts when I’m working on them and they’re laid out on the floor.  I think it’s true that dogs know what we want.  This is something I won’t compromise on and Fate seems to get that.  At some point during the morning she’ll come over to me and just want to snuggle.  So we snuggle for a while then I put her in her crate, where she falls right  to sleep.

She knows Jon’s ringtone and whenever he calls or texts me, she stops chewing on her bone, or wakes up  and runs to the door.  Often when Jon calls me in my studio it’s to tell me lunch is ready or he wants me to read his latest blog before posting it.  Fate knows I may be leaving the studio and she wants to come along.

In the afternoon, she likes to play or sleep in the yard.  Depending on what I’m working on or how crazy she is that day, I’ll hand her off to Jon.  She loves to sleep in his office with Red while Jon works.

So we’ve gotten to a good place.  We have our routines and are getting to know each other.   And as much as she loves to herd sheep, she also seems to like our morning ritual.    When I leave the house and saying Fate, lets go to work,  she follows me out to my studio,   much like Frieda used to.

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