Three Elephant Quilt

Elephant quilt

I got into my studio not sure what I wanted to do.  So I lit my candle and folded some fabric that was lying around and then I knew I wanted to try my new idea of making a quilt back.  I was looking through my shelves of fabric, unsure where to begin.  Then I thought of the elephants.  Someone gave them to me a long time ago.  It  was when I was in my studio at Old Bedlam Farm.  She asked me to use the elephant fabric to make a quilt for her mom. (I think it was her mom)  So I did.  It was called Sister Elephants.  She told me to keep the left over fabric (and had sent me a lot of other fabric too) and I’ve had it since.

This is how the back of the quilt idea really worked.  Until today I was  a bit afraid to use the elephant fabric.  It was so special and I didn’t want to waste it.  But, because when I’m making a quilt back, I feel less pressure, using the elephant fabric came easy.  (I’m not sure if this makes sense to anyone but me, if not I’ll try to explain it better)

So I laid out the elephant fabric then used the same technique that I use when I make a quilt back.  That is, I look for fabric that loosely goes with the front of the quilt.  Since there is no front of the quilt, I looked for fabric that went with the elephants.  But it had to be fabric that I’ve had for a long time.  Either because I was saving it or because I just never found a place for it in my work.  The other thing I do when I make quilt backs is use big pieces of fabric.  And whole pieces of fabric.  I don’t cut a smaller piece from a larger piece of fabric.  I use what works color wise and size wise.

I stuck to my “rules”… mostly.  Because at some point this quilt back became the quilt front.  That was unavoidable I guess.  Don’t know how to stop it from happening.  Not unless, when I make the back I like it more than the front.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m quite done with this.  Maybe a strip along the sides and I still have to sew the piece along the bottom. But I do love the way it came out so far.  And I think the process really worked.  I do wonder what will happen with the back though.  Something to look forward to on Monday.

7 thoughts on “Three Elephant Quilt

  1. Wow – I think this Elephant Quilt (“front or back”) is my favorite of all you’ve done!! The 3 elephants marching across the zig zags !! Thanks for sharing! Mary Ann

  2. Top bottom back front side . . . This is fascinating!

    Does calling it the “back” in your mind loosen something up? Give you permission of some sort? Get rid of some rules?

    Whatever it is, the end result is really lovely.

  3. Hello Maria. Your elephant quilt is beautiful . I love that the elephants are on the front part of the quilt. I think you should definitely keep them on the front part of the quilt simply because I feel that the quilt is about them so they should be the focal point. Well done, it’s a beautiful creative piece.

  4. Oh Maria, the quilt is gorgeous. The elephants are so special. I understand the mind game of telling yourself its only the back of the quilt.

    I was Head Cook at a Zen Center. After I left I missed cooking so once in a while I would guest cook and let the new Head Cook do paperwork. I would have him show me all the oldest veggies and herbs in the walk-in cooler, take them out, spread them on a table, and then plan the meal, totally disregarding the menu for the day. Not sure how my replacement felt about it, but it was way fun for me. The place was very regimented and it felt so good to flaunt the rules, use up the neglected veg, and make a fabulous meal. Kinda like the way you sidestep quilting “rules”.

    What an outstanding piece! I would love to see you price it accordingly.



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