My Intuition Goddess Dolls For Sale (Sold Out)

Intuition Dolls
My Intuition Goddess  Dolls For Sale.

My intuition lives in my gut, just below my bellybutton.  That’s where I go, where my mind comes alive when my intuition is speaking to me.

And I’ve come to trust it.  I rely on it when I’m trying to figure out what to have for breakfast to making important life decisions.

But trusting my Intuition is new to me.  For most of my life I was so afraid of making decisions, so scared I might make the wrong one. So I either left them for someone else to decide or put them off till I no longer had a choice.  Essentially giving my life away.   I  constantly doubted myself.  I worried about what other people would think about my choices  and opinions.  I had no way of knowing my own truth. I continually looked outside of myself, instead of looking in.

Making my art was a big factor in finding and trusting my intuition.  When I started making quilts, I had no rules, no one to guide me, I could only rely on myself to know which two pieces of fabric to sew together.  And each time I made that decision with each stitch, I didn’t know it, but I was strengthening my intuition.  Learning to trust myself.

Eventually I found where my intuition lives in my body.  It’s not in my brain, not in my heart, but in my gut, my hara.  And now, when I need help making a decision or I find myself lost from me, I lay my hand just below my belly button and bring my mind there.  I listen.  And then I act on what I’ve heard.  More and more, this process isn’t necessary.  More and more, I find I just know.

I have two of my Intuition Goddess Dolls  are sold. for Sale.  Each are my interpretation of  ancient goddess images and their symbols .  They are $40 each + $10 shipping.  If one of these Intuition Goddess Dolls speaks to you,  you can email me here at [email protected].

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