Good Morning From Bedlam Farm

It’s been an unusual November in Washington County.  Except for a few days the skies have been blue, the sun is shining and it’s warm.   It’s normally the most dreary month of the year, one I dread.  But this year, November is more like early May.  It doesn’t feel like the harbinger of winter.   I’m making the most of it and I think the animals are too.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning From Bedlam Farm

  1. What a terrific video! I love hearing Minnie speak and watching all of the animals in their element. A joy of a Monday morning!

  2. Hi Maria,
    Your unusual weather has been noted in Ireland too!Here on the Emerald isle we had the most glorious Autumn ever that lasted into the first week in November.I can never remember the weather been so glorious for so long. Endless days of clear blue skies married with a countryside awash with a riot of autumn colours. Unfortunately it changed last week we’re having lots of rain now! So Washington County is defining winning on the glorious wether front . Enjoy ! Thanks for your lovely video.

  3. It’s Wednesday afternoon, but I’m taking a quick break at work to watch this video again -it’s as good as a favorite children’s picture book read over and over again.

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