Flo Visits My Studio

Flo in my studio.

Last night, when I was working, I heard a cat meowing outside.  I opened my door and was surprised by Flo’s face looking right at me.  She was on the fencepost right outside my door  obviously telling me she wanted to come in.  She jumped down and walked through the door of my studio as if she’s done it a million times before.  When actually she’s never been in my studio.

Fate was in the house and Flo somehow knew it.  She made a circle around my quilt which was laying on the floor, never walking on it, checked out every corner and every pile of fabric.  She hoped on all three chairs then on my desk.

I would have let her settle in for a while, like our barn cat Mother used to do in my Studio Barn at Old Bedlam Farm, but I was done working in my studio for the night.   I covered my sewing machine, unplugged my iron, blew out my candles, turned off the heat and the lights.  When I left Flo followed me out the door.  She already knew the routine.


5 thoughts on “Flo Visits My Studio

  1. Flo walking around the quilt,which is beautiful–I think it WANTS to look unfinished–led my thoughts in all sorts of directions.

    I was immediately reminded of two cats we had years ago who would jump over large pale colored roundels on a Persian-design rug we had. It really did look as if they were holes amid the dark green background color–they never sat on them!

    1. Ah maybe that’s the avoidance Erika. I just thought she knew not to walk on it. But that makes sense. It seems often the animals want to be right in the middle of everything.

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