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Cathy and Gail holding up "Handmade Life"
Cathy and Gail holding up “Handmade Life”

I often get email from people telling me how much they like something they bought from me.  And sometimes I even get photo’s of my work in someone’s home,  which I post on my blog.   But this is the first time I brought one of my pieces to someone’s home and got to see where they would hang it and how it would look in person.

Our friends from NYC just bought a house near us.  Four friends who all agreed they wanted to hang my quilt “Handmade Life” in their new home.

So I brought it to their house and we took turns holding it up on one wall then another, till they found just the right place.

Gail said she liked it on the wall they finally chose because when people come into the house it was it would be the first piece of art they see.

The quilt is called “Handmade Life” referring to fairy tale “The Red Shoes”.  It’s  based on the idea of each of us creating our own lives from scratch.  In the story, the girl chooses money and the “easy” life and looses her freedom and sense of self in exchange.

Cathy and Harry and Gail and Nancy, have all done just the opposite.  And  they continue to do it. now in Upstate New York.

So yeah, I like when people really appreciate my art and look it over carefully and point out their favorite parts and talk about it.   And it’s even better in person.   But the more I get to know these four friends,  the more I feel like I made this piece just for them.



4 thoughts on “Creating A Life

  1. I love stories like this – so many threads of art and connection and friendship! Good for these ladies, too. They will love upstate NY!

  2. I do love this story, never heard of it until you told it to us online. And the quilt does look beautiful right there! The wood interior of that room frames your work wonderfully. Annie

    1. I think its surprising how much the walls and interior of a space can influence my work. I’m sure my work is different working off my wooden wall and floor that it would be if my walls were white.

  3. P. S. the TAN WALL and the wood on the wall beneath it, and the wood trim on the window and door, all combine for a lovely texture and feel of wood! at least in this picture. Annie

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